Welcome to Sandy Pines’ Thursday Night League!


Lauren Peretin - 07/06/22

Kaluf/Vanloon with Trinka/Burke
Sietsma/VandenBoogart with Matlon/Matlon
Descho/Boone with Knutson/Shrewsberry
Smith/Smith with Stokes/Niemic
Tucker/Fishero with Kopanda/Mix
Smith/Nuss with Leclair/Spangenberg
S.Walstra/D.Walstra with Decker/Mata
Butler/Stephan with Andre/Caldwell
Payne/Brown with Castillo/Halliar
Buchanan/Buchanan with Kistler/Slaughter
Rush/Sizemore with Arnold/McKim
Woolever/Heinrich with Grevenstuk/Grevenstuk
DeBoard/Zitek with Krooswyk/VanVlymen
Sytsma/Risner with T.Wasltra/A.Wasltra
Vallejo/Halliar with Arflin/Arflin
Somers/Case with DeKock/Neary

Lauren Peretin - 07/02/22

July 7th will be a 4-man scramble! Please remember to sign-up as a NO-SHOW if you cannot make it. Thank you!

Lauren Peretin - 05/17/22

Men's League will begin on Thursday, May 26th! Reminder that the League Fee ($175 per person) is due no later than the 1st Night of League. Payment must be made in cash or check.

Upcoming No-Shows

August 18, 2022

No show: Descho/Boon supposed to be playing: Position night

If you are going to be a no-show please contact your opponents or the ProShop at 987-3611.